Me desenterró de todo lo que habitaba

Sobre mi lecho que había sido




Sin preguntar si quiera

Entendiendo mi ilusoria humillación

Mi inexistente arrepentimiento

Un recordatorio para aquél que solo ve la suciedad

Sobre mi tierra

Siempre Mojada

Una advertencia de mis errores

Sin saber que del estiércol que fue derramado sobre mí

Nacieron mis flores


The end of the 20th century

It was supper time

Ordered a pizza that appeared at my door in 20 minutes as promised

The cheese inundating the brown box

I looked at it fondly

The guy was good-looking

Called me honey after I tipped him

A cute hypocrite

I went to the living room and watched TV

The minutes went away like autumn leaves

Before heading to the shower

I looked at the coffee table

And realized there was half of pizza standing there

I had left it for you

I skipped the shower because I missed you

Modern Love 

He kisses me with hatred
So his lower jaw is more prominent 

And his tongue sticks out like the tongue of the devil 

He kisses me as if he was hammering

Some cheap but difficult IKEA furniture

And he had lost the user’s guide 

And he can only find one of the two missing screws