Would you be my Huckleberry?


is a beautiful word. A word to be whispered or laughed out of your mouth. 

It is a word to be kissed, near the ear, over the sensual and funny earlobe.

is a pillow and a comfortable bed. It’s an armchair embracing us and protecting us from the cruelty of the night.

Often I cover my face with my pillow and I dream (awake) that I’m drifting down the Mississippi.

‘Hey, Huckleberry! Play with me. Be my friend.’
I’m wearing a yellow dress, it makes me feel fresh, my fingers smell like lemons, and mosquitoes cannot reach me.

I will be his friend forever.

I’m Huckleberrying my problems away, which means that I will just lie here listening to music and daydreaming about you, my friend, drinking the lemonade freshly squeezed with my bare hands 


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